High Ceiling

Be wowed by these dramatic homes with soaring ceilings and great style!

High ceilings are among the most desirable features that homes can have because of the air of impressiveness they lend to the surroundings.

Plus, with the amount of vertical space they provide, that means more opportunities to explore design ideas, from hanging ornate chandeliers to having tall slabs of marble installed as statement pieces. So, don’t let the extra room go to waste! Add drama with these top tips on how to decorate homes with high ceilings.

1. Add some art

Hanging up framed artworks is probably the fastest way you can fill up an empty wall, but don’t be too quick to rush out and get a huge statement piece – a collage of photos works just fine as well, plus it adds a personal touch that no store-bought painting can.

2. Hang up a pendant (or chandelier)

There’s no better place to install fancy pendant lamps or chandeliers than a home with a tall ceiling. Because where else are you going to find the space to install these statement-making fixtures with a purpose?

3. Dress up with drapes

Just imagine the graceful form of long curtains cascading downwards like a waterfall, and you will see why getting elegant drapes for your tall windows, and by association, lofty ceiling, is a key step in getting your home’s decor right.

4. Accent with the right furniture

By ‘right furniture’, we mean pieces that are of a suitable size. To ground the look of a room with a high ceiling, you will need larger pieces that add visual weight. Otherwise, opt for tall pieces that draw attention to the height of your home.

For even more ideas on how to dress up a lofty ceiling, check out these expert tips on how to play it up to perfection!

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