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13 Things You Have Too Much Of (and How to Store Them)

August 29, 2017

Minimalism may be trending and decluttering in style, but there are some things in life that’ll always remain our Achilles’ heel. You know, stuff you can’t imagine throwing out, or items that you have painstakingly (or unwittingly) amassed over the years.

So don’t! Why feel guilty about having too much of the stuff you enjoy? Be it books, bags or BearBricks, celebrate your obsessions with the perfect places to display them; these 16 genius storage ideas are proof that more is more – with a bit of organization.

Too Many...

1. Plants

Line Them Up on Shelves

Storage Ideas

Interior Designer: Asolidplan

Storage Ideas

Image Source

Green fingers? This is how you should keep your lush, leafy greens from looking like an unkempt jungle. Have a dedicated corner for putting up your plants, or mount shelves (if you have tiny, potted kinds) to line them up on your walls for a structured, linear look.

2. Bags

Build A Display Cabinet

Storage Ideas

Interior Designer: Free Space Intent

Storage Ideas

Interior Designer: Mr Shopper Studio

Your Chanel, Hermes and Gucci investment pieces are meant to shine in the spotlight, not kept in the dark. Make them the highlight of your space with a display that does literally that. In-built cove lights give these showcase cabinets a luxe, upscale glow – a refined fit for their equally luxurious carryalls.

Frame Them with Cubbyholes

Storage Ideas

Interior Designer: Dan's Workshop

Storage Ideas
Storage Ideas

Interior Designer: Fuse Concept

Bags may come in all shapes, sizes and colours, but one way display all of them without looking like a mess? Frame the accessory with uniform cubbyholes or boxy structures. Like these elegant set ups, the regular lines of the storage spaces take attention away from otherwise mismatched bag styles.

Create A Bag Wall

Storage Ideas

Interior Designer: The Scientist

You don’t need much space to do up a decent corner for showcasing your bags. Conveniently utilizing an extra wall by the corridor, the place has since been converted into gorgeous centerpiece that greets visitors into the bathroom. And, let’s not forget – a handy place for grabbing your tote of choice after a quick change.

3. Comic Book Figurines

Use Crate Boxes

Storage Ideas

Interior Designer: Inzz Studio

Be resourceful and make the best out of whatever you have. That means, even if you only have a tiny, boxed up area to display your collection of DC figurines, maximize what’s available by placing those pieces on top, upside down or around your boxes - just not necessarily inside.

4. Random Knick Knacks and Souvenirs

A Shipping Container

Storage Ideas

Interior Designer: Co.Prozfile Design

If you think your obsession with collecting toys and knack knicks are some next level madness, contain it with – you guessed it – a shipping container! Okay, this striking container-inspired feature isn’t the real one per se, but it definitely delivers a visual punch with its dash of striking red.

5. BearBricks

Integrate It To Your Feature Wall

Storage Ideas

Interior Designer: LemonFridge Studio

A little planning goes a long way; design a storage layout that revolves around your favourite collectible for a clean, minimal look. In this case, the designer came up with an integrated living cum seating combination to accommodate the homeowners collection of BearBricks in varying sizes - ranging from the usual 100% to gigantic 600% versions.

6. Lego Bricks

Sort Them Into Colour-Coordinated Niches

Storage Ideas

Interior Designer: Posh Home

One surefire way that’ll make your home look messy? Distracting colours. It’s time to appeal to your OCD side. Even though this homeowner is big on lego bricks, a quirky feature wall is built to sort and arrange each piece by colour, creating a display that’s eye-catching and ultra-organised.

7. Clothes

Allocate A Walk-In Wardrobe Space

Storage Ideas
Storage Ideas

Interior Designer: Mr Shopper Studio

Raise your hands if you’re an unabashed shopaholic! If decluttering isn’t an option for you right now (because your heart can’t take it – and besides, you haven’t even worn some pieces out yet!) it’s go big or go home.

Storage Ideas

Interior Designer: Corazon Interior

A typical 4-door wardrobe isn’t going to cut it; so, set aside a space within your bedroom, a separate room, or combine both rooms to convert into a walk-in wardrobe cum changing area. Posh.

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8. Foods and Condiments

Utilise Exposed Shelving (Wherever You Can)

Storage Ideas
Storage Ideas

Interior Designer: Asolidplan

If food is the spice of life, yours is absolutely burning hot - you’ve got condiments for every cuisine imaginable! Besides your kitchen cabinets, consider squeezing in open shelves and ledges in extra spaces to line up your favourite foodstuffs for easy reach.

9. Wine

Build A Wine Rack Into Your Wall

Storage Ideas
Storage Ideas

Interior Designer: Project Guru

A wannabe sommelier at home who enjoys collecting a vast range of vintages? The perfect place to store all those bottles might just be your concrete wall! Wine storage compartments set in dark, lacquered woods blend seamlessly into this home's décor, and double as a checkered motif that adds a little dressy glamour to the space.

10. Kitchen Tools and Utensils

Hang It Up With Wire Frames/Pegboards

Storage Ideas

Interior Designer: Linear Space Concepts

Maybe, you’re not so much of a foodie, but more a lover of pretty, practical objects – like your kitchen tools. Be it spatulas, pots and pans in a whole spectrum of patterns and colours, your gorgeous cookware is meant to be flaunted.

Storage Ideas

Interior Designer: Third Avenue Studio

Do so by hanging them up on wire frames (for a gritty, industrial vibe) or pegboards. This also makes it easy to access the right tools when you're in a rush to cook.

11. Books

Construct Full-Length Bookshelves

Storage Ideas

Interior Designer: Fuse Concept

An unabashed bookworm? If you have a collection that rivals that of a library at home, be one. Full, wall-flushed bookcases filled to the brim with all kinds of tomes add variety and visual interest to the area, thanks to its colourful spines.

Storage Ideas

Interior Designer: Urban Habitat Design

And if you’re feeling ambitious, convert your shelves into sliding partitions for a show-stopping, space saving twist!

12. Shoes

Put Them On Quirky Pedestals

Storage Ideas

Interior Designer: Dap Atelier

A guy (or girl) can never have enough shoes! Besides being a functional accessory, some shoes have transcended into sculptural pieces on their own (like limited-release sneaker models or sky-high stilettos). And if you’ve got a collection to match, why not put your favourite kicks up on display? Located near the foyer, this home’s industrial-style partition made of salvaged pipes work as a nifty pedestal for the homeowner’s sneaker collection.

Hide Them For A Pleasant Surprise

Storage Ideas

Interior Designer: Meter Square

You have shoes that are almost too pretty to wear them out – then you have those that have suffered constant wear and tear. Basically, nothing you’d want to air out for the whole world to see. Besides the bulky shoe cabinets, concealed bomb shelter doorways can be used to squeeze it some feet room. The extra gap between this false wall and bomb shelter is used to line up an array of shoes.

13. Vinyl Records

Store Them In Movable Record-Store Cabinets

Storage Ideas

Interior Designer: The Interior Lab

You scoff at those who hang up their vinyl recordings like artworks; how do you even get to listen to them now? You’re particular like that – mainly because you have amassed a decent collection that renders you a connoisseur. Recreate the buzzing atmosphere of finding a gem in a record store with a movable vinyl compartment that feels just like it. To complete the look, this home added a movable table for fitting a record player.

Storage woes, says who?

Not everybody is born a minimalist (or Marie Kondo). Need more storage to store your ever-increasing collection of stuff? An interior designer can do that (and more) - and we can help. Request for a quote here, and we can match you up with 5 interior firms, based on your budget and style.

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