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Best of Qanvast 2021: Most Popular Home Brands

Brands you loved this year.

Did you know? Other than connecting with different interior firms on Qanvast, you can also enquire with and redeem (upsized) deals from over 200 home brands on our platform.

Tampines GreenFlora by Fifth Avenue Interior
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Keep scrolling to see which brands homeowners on Qanvast loved the most in 2021!

5. For slim, motorless water purifiers | Livingcare Singapore

Even though Singapore’s tap water is already clean, many homeowners are still picking up water purifiers to filter out trace amounts of rust and improve its taste.

Livingcare Pearl Series Water Dispenser
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Featured: Livingcare Pearl Series Water Dispenser

One of the most popular brands this year is Livingcare Singapore, a homegrown brand that aims to improve your health and wellness with their technology. But apart from their sleek water purifiers (that also come in cute, pastel shades), they also carry items like shower filters and a purifying, portable water spray!

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4. For a wide range of bathroom and kitchen fittings | hansgrohe

With tons of bathroom and kitchen fittings that are equal parts stylish and durable, it’s no surprise that German brand hansgrohe has found its way to one of the top brands in 2021. Here you’ll find everything you need for your home, from rain showers and bathtubs to kitchen sinks and taps!

Qanvast top Brands 2021
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3. For budget-friendly, stylish furniture | HipVan

Qanvast top Brands 2021
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Coming in first in the top 5 favourite brands of 2020, HipVan is once again among the top brands this year! Their mission? To give you designer furniture at budget-friendly prices – and they’re able to do by cutting out retail overhead costs to give homeowners the best prices.

Deal" class="article-details-page_td-centered__jDlHp">Upsized15% off furniture


2. For high quality sanitary fittings | TOTO

Established all the way back in 1917, Japanese brand TOTO is driven by their country’s goal of perfection – and looking at their range of high quality sanitary fittings, it’s clear how they are the world’s largest toilet manufacturer.

TOTO Sanitary Fittings
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1. For instant and storage water heaters from Italy | Ariston Thermo

Yet another brand that was on our top 5 favourite brands last year, Ariston Thermo has leapt up 3 ranks to claim the top spot this year! They specialise in thermal products, with a myriad of instant and storage water heaters, with some of them even having smart features.

Ariston water heater Qanvast deal promo code
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