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Hacking of Walls

False Ceiling

Paint Job


Feature Walls

Electrical Re-wiring



Tierra Vue

Condo | 3 rooms | 139m²

S$ 70,000

New / Resale

Year of Completion


Renovation Duration
9 weeks

Design Fees
S$ 5,000



   +65 6532 5820

25 Reviews

Clare, Meyer Road

I got to know through a friend’s Facebook post where she used Habit as her ID too. I did a lot of research on IDs and their works. Habit’s designs were consistent and it was closest to what I had in mind for my house. In addition both Yanling & Denise were friendly and very easy to talk to. Communicating with them was a breeze. After the first meeting with them, both my Husband and I knew they were the ones whom we can trust the renovation of our house with. Our experience with them, One word- Superb! Both YL and Denise are very detailed, paying attention to the smallest details. They were also very prompt with all their replies (irregardless of what time of the day) and any queries/doubts we had, they never failed to assure us and put us at ease. Not only was their design impressive, their workmanship was also excellent. Tiny hiccups were faced along the way (like all Reno) but nothing that YL & Denise could not handle. Both of them never failed to provide us with solutions/alternative that we were satisfied with. Design and workmanship of our house was never compromised despite the hiccups and changes made along the way.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 150,000

Completion: August 2017

Denzil, Bellewaters

At the start we didn’t really have a clear idea of what type of design we wanted for our house. We went on Qanvast and started looking through completed projects, bookmarking some along the way. We then realised that most of the bookmarked projects were done by Habit. We met up with about 5-6 IDs before meeting Habit, and we either found them pushy, or their works rather run of the mill. Most of them didn’t seem to take your opinions into consideration and just wanted to push for us to sign up with them. At that point of time we hadn’t discovered Qanvast yet. When we first met Habit, we were highly impressed by how passionate they are about their work. We had some rough ideas in mind, and they took keen interest into our daily habits and the necessities/wants for our new house. We were even more impressed that their initial plan and design revolved around things we mentioned during our first meeting, and their attention to detail. Also, they weren’t pushy and gave us time to consolidate our ideas. We then found out that our friend had her house done by them too. She kindly invited us over to have a look and I think that sealed the deal. We love the design and finishing, and we decided to choose them. We really enjoyed working with them. Communication was a Breeze and we looked forward to our next meeting. On the business end, we appreciate that there’s a detailed breakdown of costs and things were not left in the ‘grey area’. We appreciate that they are passionate about their work and the detail and hard work they put in. On a personal level, It helped that they are pretty cool and open to suggestions, and it was a joy working with them. They were such a big help throughout, and gave great recommendations on where to find furniture to fit the theme and Color of our project. We especially love their design and attention to detail. I Guess that’s why they are called ‘Habit’, they tailor made their design based on what our daily habits are like. So not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it’s functional as well. Everything pretty much went quite smoothly for us. We understand their projects are tailor made, and although the initial design portion took some time, everything went by pretty smoothly and quickly once the design was confirmed. We weren’t in a rush to move in, so we didn’t feel a need to rush the project.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 65,000

Completion: December 2017

Shuli, Novena

When renovating with Habit, I didn’t have to worry much as everything turned out really well. They understood what I wanted and delivered promptly. Communication was evident, for example, when I first moved in I encountered a problem with my tap but it was fixed the very next day. I was lucky to be able to engage Habit as they’re very busy, so it’s better to book them early.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 40,000

Completion: March 2018

Siew Ping, East Coast

They had us @this_is_habit. Following Instagram and other social media outlets is baseline research. After due diligence meetups and chemistry checks with several IDs, where Habit stood apart is exceptional pride in design and execution; balance of composition and functionality; and passion and experience to render our rhetorical habits into a thoughtful, stylish home. As a boutique shop, Yanling and Denise were personally engaged from beginning to end. As important as it was that they listened well to our broad stroke ideas, what truly impressed us was witnessing – at each project milestone – their sense of ownership, energy, and bespoke design invested into our project. Now, in scrolling through their project portfolio, we can better appreciate the sparks of passion and unique touches they brought to each client. In summary, Habit is ahead of the curve in terms of timeless aesthetics and design flair.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 88,000

Completion: March 2018

Zach, Punggol

We got to know Denise from a good friend of ours. Habit did up their place and we asked to be introduced to Habit. Denise and Yanling are very different from the other IDs we spoke to. We felt very comfortable with them and always looked forward to our meetings. With their very impressive portfolio of successful past works, one can readily appreciate why they are the most sought-after designer in Singapore. They have an unparalleled intuition about design and an intimate passion for the finer details. We should also mention that they are super chill and cool people to hang out with. Working alongside with them is fantastic and absolutely fun! We collaborated really well to create the end product and had withdrawal symptoms after the project handover. During the engagement process, they always took time to explain the nuances to us. One unique thing about Habit is that they don’t do 3D-rendering, but it really wasn’t needed when the rapport with them is so strong. They are a class act. I’m amazed how they managed to make the process a fun learning experience and how clients end up becoming long-term friends. They can be fully trusted and are very responsible. Along the way we also got to level up on our sense of design as well.The anticipation of the end product is the same feeling as a kid waiting to unwrap an eagerly awaited Christmas gift. Considering how stressful a home renovation project can get, not to mention the many potential pitfalls, we genuinely enjoyed every moment of it. We are looking forward to our next home project with habit! What was impressive is that they are a class act. I’m amazed how they managed to make the process a fun learning experience and how clients end up becoming long-term friends. They can be fully trusted and are very responsible. Along the way we also got to level up on our sense of design as well. Being a boutique set up means that they are always stretched for time. We only wished we could see them in person more often, although the number of appointments we had fully sufficed for discussing details. We enjoyed chatting over Whatsapp and they were always super responsive and have a good sense of humor. Last but not least, remember to take time off from work!

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Completion: November 2017