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Arche Interior

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Jolean Jialing
#GohwithJol's Muji Home
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Reviewed by Jolean Jialing・Submitted 11 Oct 2021・Project completed Sep 2021・Designer Min Hui

We came to know about Arche Interior as Edward whom I could say my acquaintance, was the ID of several ex-colleagues' home and I felt that his company as a whole was trustable and humble. It was a real breeze with no headaches throughout our renovation journey! Instead, I feel like I got even more stressed out shopping on Taobao hahaha! Min Hui has been very easy to talk to since we first met him and Edward at the office, it was easy for us to spill out our visions, what we wanted in our first home. As we own dogs, he was very thoughtful to our needs and wants to make it a pet-friendly yet cosy space. My gut feelings told me that I could trust Min Hui to handle everything and need not micro-manage, and I was indeed right. He would always be the one proposing the ideas, dimensions etc, and somehow most of the time, it was exactly what we wanted. As this is our first home, there were many things that we did not take consideration of or did not knew what exactly as well. Min Hui was very responsive and approachable, there were many aspects he did not needed to help us but he did. I constantly asked him for advices on my taobao purchases such as if the TV console color fits the house theme. Honestly, he didn't have to. We asked him for advices on the rest of our furniture picks too and it turned out great! Their partners, suppliers and contractors' workmanship is great as well! Even after the handover of the house, whenever we spot anything that needs to be rectified, Min Hui contacted the respective personnel and got them to come over to settle it. Would really highly recommend Min Hui! He is by far one of the best ID I have spoken to. Very responsible! Thank you Edward and Min Hui! Also thanks to Denise for coordinating the administrative portions.

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Pleasant journey with Arche Interior

Reviewed by Sherlyn・Submitted 13 Sep 2021・Project completed Sep 2021・Designer Aloysius Ng

Being a couple that doesn't have creativity, Aloysius provides us with the much needed aesthetic and functional designs that suits our needs. Besides that, Aloysius is accommodating as we continue to fine tune the designs with him and he doesn't complain even as we go back and forth many times. Aloysius has a good attitude and is very responsive whenever we have questions on the renovation. He was able to work within the budget to deliver everything that we needed for the house. Timeline wise it was acceptable, considering the covid situation, some delays were inevitable. Overall, we are very pleased with how our renovation turned out. Good quality materials and workmanship, and all the staff in Arche were very friendly.

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Thoughtful touches suiting to our needs

Reviewed by edmund・Submitted 10 Sep 2021・Project completed Jan 2020・Designer MH

MH is always taking the initiative to ensure our needs are met while anticipating for possible pitfalls. The design and actual renovation process were responsibly handled. Although I can't be at the house all the time to decide exactly how long or tall each component is, I can trust MH to make the most logical and appropriate choices. Rapid and thorough updates during every phase. Although they aren't the cheapest, I can be sure that behind every cabinet, beneath every tile, it's filled with substance. Thank you arche and MH!

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