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Dennis Jun Hong Lin
3 Room Resale HDB into brand new look

Reviewed by Dennis Jun Hong Lin・Submitted 30 Jul 2019・Project completed Jun 2019・Designer Edwin

When you buy a new house, you definitely would want to give your house a new life with a brand new look according to your style and comfort, and how it will best suit your needs. Therefore, you would likely go and do research through friends, internet, magazines and other resources that can be found around you. However, there will always be things that require more professional knowledge to combine with ideals to make the dream house come true. Therefore an Interior Designers (ID) is there to help their clients with their professional creative ideas, designs and also provide solutions that customise to the client’s personality and lifestyle, by capturing their design dreams and making them a reality. I am very pleased to meet Edwin from Earth Interior Design who brought a new life to my 3 Room Resale Flat. When we first met at his office, the building where he and his colleagues work, I was impressed as it was very well designed and organized. It seemed like a show room but yet it was actually a three storey floor office. During the discussion, he listened to my ideas and needs very carefully. I was very pleased with the questions he asked as they were issues I had not thought of. In addition, he also asked if I would be open to his ideas and changes that would eventually help create a more perfect house for me. I have met up a lot IDs but Edwin has impressed me the most by giving his creative ideas and awesome design. It was a very smooth renovation for the past 7 weeks. He kept me updated with the latest of the renovation and also suggest of items to buy for beautifying my house. At one point, I was having problems getting a bank cheque on time but due to the trust between us, he continued to let his contractors to complete the job and deliver it to me on time. Earth Interior Design have set a higher standard of services for others Interior Designers to follow. I would highly recommend Earth Interior Design as number one Interior Designer for their services and quality of work. My friends who came to my house have gone off with a good impression of its design and its workmanship. Thank You Edwin and Thank You Earth Interior Design.

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Reviewed by Maddy・Submitted 20 Oct 2018・Project completed May 2018・Designer JAY

Qanvast handpicked 5 IDs for me that met my budget and criteria. One of the first to call was ID JAY from IN INTERIOR DESIGN. I went to the showroom, was welcomed by Jay with warmth and professionalism. After a long consultation, I was sold. The works was supposed to complete in 8 weeks, although it was rather long for someone who did not do any hacking and major reconstruction (BTO flat). Also, I requested to move in within one month in a liveable condition such as the toilet amenities to be ready and a bedroom to sleep, at the very least. True enough, Jay and his senior partner, Simon could make the toilets and master bedroom ready as requested. Unfortunately, many hiccups came along the process which cause quite a bit of unhappiness. They forgot to consider my short stature which made the dish rack at the cabinet and island counter too high for me. A lot of carpentry follow-ups needed to be done on the carpentry which caused delay. Timeliness was a big issue whereby most of the time for almost 2 weeks, nothing was done at all. The IDs hardly ever dropped by at worksite to monitor or make checks on the details of the completed works. Very often, I had to monitor the details or mistakes and kept calling Jay or Simon to rectify the mistakes. Did I mention that the final completion was about 3 months plus? Although Jay and Simon were quick to reply and iron the issues out, there was a lot of communication breakdown between them and the workers and me. They need a lot of improvement especially on the issues where they make owners like me feel like I did not have an ID at all! They also should learn further on SMARTHOME collaboration. I incorporated SMARTHOME in my design and few wiring and design mistakes had to be re-done few times due to their lack of synchronisation and communication with my SMARTHOME designers. Overall, I must admit Jay, Simon and the workers were still cool and polite even many times they were slammed down with my intense displeasure and frustration. Having said that, am I happy with the overall design, which mostly was my own idea? Yes. Will I recommend the company to others? No, think not.

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Horrid experience with In Interior Design Pte Ltd

Reviewed by AnnoyedOwner456・Submitted 19 Oct 2018・Project completed Dec 2018・Designer RL

1) Home renovation was delayed by almost 2 months. We had to constantly chase for updates, if not there would be none from the ID. 2) Poor communication from ID. ID could not translate our ideas to the contractors resulted in carpentry being done wrongly. Spoke to the boss of the ID firm and he forced us to accept the mistake even though it was not our fault. He said that if we wish to move in, just accept it and move on if not he can tear the entire carpentry down which would hold up the project which was already behind time at that point. 3) ID do not come and supervise the works. Pictures to us were sent by sub contractors to her. When we asked for more pictures, the common answer is "I am not at the site". This result in a lot of things not done correctly which further delayed the project. Mistakes were often blamed on homeowners being fussy and picky. My wife had to supervise the contractors most of the time as we do not trust the ID. That being said, ID will simply push the contractors to ask the homeowner when there is a question. If that is the case, why do we have to hire an ID in the first place? 4) After everything has finally been completed, defect rectification has not commenced because we refused to sign an agreement that was poorly worded, full of grammatical errors and not even printed on company letterhead. As we cannot comprehend with the agreement, we did not wish to sign on it and the ID firm used that as an excuse to not carry out rectification works even though it states on the master contract that defects are covered for a 12 months period. Overall, an extremely horrid experience with this firm as we end up supervising majority of the works ourselves. Would not recommend this firm due to their lack of expertise in the industry, professionalism and ethics. Once you have paid the money, the relationship changes and your queries will not be answered.

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