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Innerestic Interior

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Reviewed by Alvin・Submitted 10 Nov 2016・Project completed Nov 2016

I got to know about Innerestic Interior through my friend who works there. Nonethless, I still compared them with a few other Interior designers before deciding. After looking at their past projects, online portfolio and pictures that they showed me, Innerestic Interior seemed to be a much better choice amongst the other interior designers. Overall, their workmanship is very good and the project was executed punctually and completed on time. A good example of my id's professionalism and prompt communications was that whenever any issues arose during the project, he would update me immediately. Of course, if possible, I wished their prices quoted could have been more affordable! Renovation completed in: August 2015 Cost of renovation: $30,000

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Hidden Gem ID
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Reviewed by Dickt・Submitted 17 Aug 2020・Project completed Dec 2019・Designer Cheryl

I submitted on a reno website for 5 free quotations where you stated your design preference, budget and attach a file (if you have) and within a week or so, 5 IDs who think they fit your requirements will be in contact via email with a quotation. Out of the 5, only Cheryl from Innerestic actually bothered looking through our PPT file and quoted us based on it. It was a small gesture but a very important one since the other 4 sent us generic quotes which I could have simply downloaded from each of their websites. It showed even without any firm confirmation of a sales, her mind was already in the right place to meet the client's needs. As you can see on their Qanvast page, their online presence is not great. FB page, their website is also not updated. There was no standard package like other IDs offered, no freebies etc. But after the first meeting, we were sold on Innerestic. Our quotation did not change much from the first online one she did and their price was very competitive. Cheryl tried her very best to understand our needs and design ideas and convert it to a workable and practical solution. Admittedly, some of my ideas were very impractical or outlandish and Cheryl rather honestly feedbacked it as such, which initially, I as a first time owner got very disappointed hearing our own ID telling us some of our ideas were not workable.But as time pass by, Cheryl was right in pointing out that it was either not practical or the costs involved were simply not worth it. We appreciated that most. The clincher was Cheryl's sincerity. When we informed her we have shortlisted Innerestic and another ID, she promptly asked us what can she do to be the chosen ID. It was yet another show of commitment which impressed us. Since we were not in a rush to get the reno done (and we told Cheryl as well), our reno went without a hitch. Cheryl would update us on major works being done or already done. She would visit our unit on a weekly basis to check on works done and insisted to the workers to re-do if she see something that is not to her liking. Workmanship was good. Very clean lines and quality work. In the middle of our reno we changed ideas a couple of times, and each time Cheryl actually worked towards it instead of trying to discourage us since it was a nett reduction in price. I think another good point about Innerestic (not sure if this is the norm) was Cheryl invited her colleague to visit our place mid-reno to QC and give feedbacks if she had missed out on certain matters or give us another perspective on the reno works being done. Very impressive to me. Few weeks after reno was completed, there were some small matters that needed her follow up in touching up and she was quick to respond. Thus another good point there. Overall, as I mentioned, a hidden gem. Ignore their lack of social media presence. For the price we paid, the workmanship and service was outstanding. Have been recommending her to my friends who are collecting keys and will get her to do my next place if I do eventually move out.

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A Dream Home Come True
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Reviewed by WX・Submitted 3 Jan 2020・Project completed Mar 2019・Designer Cheryl Wong

It was Cheryl from initiated contact with us and through our first meeting over possible designs, budget and practicality, we've decided to engage her company's renovation services. Cheryl is Innerestic's in-house interior designer so that avoided excessive and unnecessary marked-up costs by outsourcing their works to other contractors. Cheryl is very professional and good with colours. Her designing suggestions were also very useful and innovative. Cheryl is very pleasant and friendly to work with. Cheryl is also very efficient and always helpful when further improvisions or alterations were requested for. Even though we had to rush for completion, Cheryl did her very best to cater to our needs and schedule. In addition to all her positive traits, Cheryl is a very responsible person, she is always accountable for and that definitely made us feel at ease leaving her to carve our dream house. Innerestic Interior has really cheap sources of products so that helped us save quite a fair bit of money too!

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Prompt and professional interior designer
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Reviewed by Steven Siew・Submitted 23 Nov 2019・Project completed Oct 2018・Designer Cheryl Wong

Cheryl worked with us to renovate our resale flat. I engaged Innerestic because the price was competitive. Working with Cheryl was a very good experience. She communicated clearly and was always prompt. The proposed solutions met all of our needs. Service and workmanship was good. There were a number of changes but all of it were managed very well. We overshot our budget and timeline but it was because we added more things to the initial scope of work. Overall, I was glad that we engaged the right interior designer.

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