One Design Werkz

One Design Werkz

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Reviewed by edward・Submitted 26 Oct 2020・Project completed Oct 2020・Designer tina

tina是一个非常积极向上的设计师 她非常专业和认真的。 工作中实践越多越会发现华丽的设计稿并不是体现设计师专业能力的唯一标准,普通设计师和高级设计师区别在于,设计方案是否具备完整设计思路,设计对于业务有没有真正的价值体现,以及设计方案的推动落地的完整性到底有多少。设计越往后走,越考验产品思维,设计思维,以及设计推动能力,这是设计师需要关注的重点。 设计师在工作中接到设计需求会不自觉的第一时间想着如何去进行视觉表达。视觉表达确实非常重要,但视觉表达只是其中设计专业本职工作中的一个环节。设计师还应该站在产品、设计、技术等不同维度去思考设计方案的可行性。 我们找到过很多设计师都会和我们说他们以前设计的多好,然后要我们完全按照他想法去做就是最美最好的。 可是完全不照顾到这是我们的房子,我们的想法才是第一准则。 而tina最棒的地方是会根据我们顾客的 要求和需要给出最恰当和专业的建议 然后不厌其烦的按照我们的要求去修改方案直到我们满意位置所以我们都愿意不断的给她介绍客户。 希望她越来越好!

Project Management
Highly recommended ID - Ms Tina from One Design Werkz

Reviewed by Serene・Submitted 4 Jan 2021・Project completed Mar 2019・Designer Tina Liu

We have recently engaged Ms Tina from One Design Werkz as our ID to revamp our house. From the initial meet up with her for discussion on site till after the handover upon Reno completion, she has always been responsive, knowledgeable, responsible and never say no attitude, always discuss with an end-solution. From our queries and requests, she has never failed to disappoint us. She is detailed and meticulous to cater the needs of each and every family member. A great and knowledgeable ID to work with, from the initial engagement till the end work. She has always been able to provide ideas and suggestions, detailing the pros and cons for a decision made. Though we were away for trip, she will continue to update work status through WhatsApp group-chat, be on-site visit personally to check the work quality and co-ordinate, sending us photos of the work status and this really benefits the owner, going through a stress-free process. She is very responsive to message query even it’s on weekends. I must say she is indeed very responsible and has good customer service support even after the handover upon reno completion and during our stay-in period, we called upon her for some touch-up works on few occasions, she continued to be attentive to our requests and responded fast to resolve. We never feel being pushed away though work completion was some period back and we feel her sense of responsibility! Thumbs up Tina for her good efforts and hardwork! Highly recommend her if you are looking for a knowledgeable and capable ID and having a stress-free process for house renovation.

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Nicely Done Loft Bed

Reviewed by Elson・Submitted 25 Dec 2020・Project completed Jul 2020・Designer Tina Liu

Engaged Tina again in May 2020 when I wanted to add a Loft Bed after 3 years later she had helped to design and build the interior for my new 3 rooms condo in 2017. She is dedicated to her work and very fast to respond back when you call or message her. She will listen to your feedback and give you advise too so that you can make the right decision on the final design and the type of furnitures to consider to buy. She is able to manage her contractors well to ensure the works are done properly and completed the job on time in July 2020.

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Kong Weisheng

Reviewed by Kong Weisheng・Submitted 7 Nov 2020・Project completed Jun 2020・Designer Tina

Tina是我们中介介绍的 有同时询问好几家ID, 在介绍的时候tina是唯一一个所有细节和大概价格都当场给我列出来的,十分有说服力 所以我很快就做了决定和. Tina 的设计很符合我心中的预想,效果图出来也十分令人期待。中间有很多我没有想到的地方也给出了很好的建议. 在装修过程中我提出了几次不小的改动也是很快做了相应的调整。装修的工人很认真负责 质量很好. 我很多家具都是淘宝买的 比如洗手间的镜柜,买的时候规格有一些失误对不上呢,tina也是帮我想办法,后来和木工师傅一起把这个镜柜做了点小改动,完美的改进了,省了再买一个的麻烦. 家中的家具,装饰,挂件等也是Tina在淘宝上一件件帮我选的,最后实际的效果令我十分满意,和整体风格完美搭配。因为疫情中间有停下来过,她也在很积极的做申请沟通,尽快帮我安排复工。整个装修过程中基本没有费心,最满意的是我的电视墙和门口的鞋柜,都是超出了我的预期。 十分感谢Tina帮我住上了梦想中的房子.

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