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Reviewed by Wilda・Submitted 18 May 2017・Project completed May 2017

Stylerider was recommended to us by a friend. After consulting a few IDs, we decide to engage them for their pricing. Jack was responsive although it took some time for him to come out with a 3d design. After explaining a few times, he manage to understand what we wanted. It was a slow start but everything turn out okay. They managed to complete the project on time except for some minor touch ups which was done after we moved in. For further improvement, i hope that they can take lesser time to come out with the 3D drawings. Renovation completed in: September 2016 Cost of renovation: $60,000

Project Management
Sub-standard Service & Poor Workmanship - Totally unsatisfied

Reviewed by Rachel Wong・Submitted 12 Mar 2019・Project completed Dec 2018・Designer Terence Tan

I had bad experience engaging the ID firm STYLERIDER INTERIOR DESIGN, the Home Space INTERIOR Designer/ID is Terence Tan. Finding the right ID is a highly intuitive thing so one to have self-access, are we convinced after talking with the ID and their proposal etc. Very often before an agreement was signed, we were swept away by their smooth talking. I am not different from anyone too, I was moved by his desperate desire to close a deal & prove himself with promises laid out to me. During my discussion with him, I sense his inexperience but out of his sincerity and desperation I award him the reno job out of kindness. I gave him the benefits of doubt despite his claim to have at least 4 years of ID experience. After the renovation commenced, the process proved me right and the truth left me with my jaw dropping. Based on his conduct as an ID,he is obviously very inexperience, irresponsible & ignorant. I know ID usually goes on-site to give instructions on what to do etc. and I don’t expect him to be there witnessing the sub-con doing their work. But I would expect him to check on work done after every stages of work-in-progress to ensure there is nothing left out or defects, and work not well done but this is not fulfilled as promised. As an ID this is the basic responsibility, if he is there to do a check on every stages of work completed, it could have been rectified and avoid unnecessary delay and dispute. I make regular trips to my flat to spot for defects & jobs not well done. Not only were he irresponsible, ignorant his misjudgement is really a big problem. What proofs his lack of knowledge and incompetence is he can’t even justify the size of a spot light & the driver depth to be fixed onto the bedside open shelf despite his carpenter’s advice. Unfortunately he is not apologetic for his attitude but only to find reasons to cover himself up. The mishaps I encountered – - Toilet wall tiles and service yard tiles were tiled up despite part of it was chipped off visibily. - Bedside open shelve with spot light – the opening depth is too shallow for spot light driver to be fixed in causing the spot light dropped off. - Kitchen dish rack door dropped due to the inappropriate weight of the hydraulic pump used to support the door thus causing the flip door to give way. I am totally dissatisfied with his service especially the tiling workmanship is the worse I have ever came across. In conclusion, I am extremely regrettful to have recommended my sister to use his service before my unit is completed to justify the entire workmanship, his reliability and responsibility. I truly feel sorry to witness my sister’s encounter of problems and mishaps which are far more serious than mine. Till today, her 1-bedder condo (taken into consideration to offset 1 month for peak period in Dec 2018) she has yet to move in. This is absolutely ridiculous. My sincere and heartfelt advice to other home owners to make informed reviews, decisions, better to take more time to scrutinise than be regretful. I believe this quote is commonly encountered by consumers – “ Over promise, Under deliver “ . I will never refer anyone to use his service at all.

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Bukit Permai
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Reviewed by Tan Poh Kim・Submitted 28 Jul 2017・Project completed Jul 2017

We shortlisted a few IDs but decided to engage Stylerider as it was referred and the pricing was good too. We are quite happy with happy with their workmanship. Of course there is some minor hiccups here and there along they way, but they managed to rectify it. The project wasn't completed within the promised timeframe. They took longer than expected, which we thought it wasn't good as it will affect the homeowner's plans. I hope they can improve on their project management & the scheduling being realistic to their customers. Apart from the delays, we are happy with our renovation. Renovation completed in: January 2017 Cost of renovation: $58,000

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Reviewed by Ms Yap・Submitted 28 Jul 2017・Project completed Jul 2017

Stylerider was recommended to us by a contractor who did the renovation for my previous house. There was no ID involve for my project. From my knowledge and experience, i did the designs and drawings myself. There was not much problem as it is done based on what i want. Jack was very helpful as he went out of his way to help us with things that is not part of his work and we thought he deserve credit for it. There is just one thing that we are not very happy about which is the painting job as it was not done by professionals and we have to provide the painters with their painting equipment. For further improvement, i hope they will engage professionals instead of bangladesh worker to do the painting job. Other than that, we had no complaints. Renovation completed in: July 2016

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