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5 Tips to Get the Seamless, Clean-Lined Look for Your Home

Trust us, with this look, your rooms will be MUCH better both visually and ergonomically.

While it isn’t a specific design style as much as it is a pleasing sight, the seamless, clean-lined look has been trending recently – and it’s not hard to see why. Aside from the freedom to move freely from space to space without any obstructions, it’s also easy on the eye with its clean profiles and unimpeded sightlines.

That said, replicating the look for your home isn’t easy as it definitely requires keen attention to detail, which is why you should take note of these 5 tips first!

Kent Road by Regiis Design
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1. Remember that ‘less is more’

The age-old adage applies here for a simple reason: you aren’t going to get a seamless home with all those lumps and bumps around.

Kent Road by Regiis Design
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While the curves of various furniture stand out strongly in a space filled with clean lines, they are kept to a minimum to create a subtle contrast. | View this project by Regiis Design

Part of the reason why these interiors work is because of their continuous, uninterrupted surfaces which create a sophisticated, near-minimalist look. So, if you have plans to introduce ornate décor, like intricate carvings or antique furniture, keep these details to a minimum (read: as an accent) or skip them entirely for a truly clean look.

Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 by Adroit ID
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View this project by Adroit ID

2. Pay attention to the little things

If there’s one good reason why you should take note of the little things, such as the bumps on the walls, the alignment between a fixture (like a sink) and a counter or the smoothness of a laminated surface, it’s the fact that the details makes the design.

While it’s unlikely that it will mar the entire look of your home, an out-of-place fixture, such as an unflushed cabinet handle, could cause a part of it to stand out awkwardly.

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To ensure that every drawer and cabinet door surface is flat, the designers of this home eschewed handles in favor of pull-out grooves | View this project by BLACK N WHITE HAUS

3. Position your built-ins correctly for a smooth transition between zones

Although creating the seamless look is for the most part about visual appeal, it’s also about creating practical spaces. Truly getting the aesthetic right also means that you’ll be achieving a home which you can walk through freely and unimpeded, just like how it’s possible to see through it all the way to the end once you take your first step indoors.

Bedok Reservoir Road by Yang's Inspiration Design
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Bedok Reservoir Road by Yang's Inspiration Design
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Ensuring that your fixtures, like this living room's recessed shelves, share the same design details will also aid in creating visual consistency. | View this project by Yang's Inspiration Design

And while they no doubt provide much-needed functionality, your home’s built-ins could end up protruding into common passageways, thus hindering both its sightline and layout. The solution? Create recesses or wrap-around structures which cabinets and drawers can be flushed into and tucked against the sides of a room.

4. Blur the lines between surfaces with the same material and colours

One of the best, yet most fuss-free tricks in the book for achieving a seamless home is to simply stick to a consistent material and colour palette.

Botanique At Barley by Mr Shopper Studio
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View this project by Mr Shopper Studio

For instance, if you have plans to use large-format tiles for your floors, why not do the same with a similar (not necessarily identical) material for surrounding built-ins and/or surfaces. Not only will it make for a seamless transition between surfaces, it also creates visual unity as it prevents too many varied elements from being thrown into the mix.

5. Try out concealed solutions like ‘invisible doors’

Time and again, both ‘invisible doors’ as well as hidden storage compartments have proven to be useful for creating a sleek facade inside homes.

City Vue @ Henderson by ELPIS Interior Design
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City Vue @ Henderson by ELPIS Interior Design
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View this project by ELPIS Interior Design

In the case of the former, they provide a convenient way to create a consistent look for long hallways, whereas the latter ensures all sorts of messes are kept corralled away out of sight. But in any case, both solutions are great for achieving a seamless home as they prevent straight lines – and by association, the perception of long, flowing spaces – from being broken.

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6. Get the right fittings, fixtures, and appliances

Even though what matters most when creating a seamless home is getting the look right, why not go one step further with specialised built-ins and appliances that provide both form AND function?

Glendale Park by Schemacraft
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View this project by Schemacraft

For instance, instead of a top-hung or undermount sink, opt for a flush mount model like the Hachi sink from iQuartz or the Fraganite from Franke. In the case of audio equipment, get in-wall speakers like the Focal surround sound system, and for televisions, you can consider Samsung’s The Frame that can camouflage itself as a piece of wall art. The options are endless!

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