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How To Survive A Renovation From Start To End

December 28, 2017

You have seen some stylish homes while browsing your designer’s portfolio for interior ideas and now it’s time for you to take the first step towards achieving your very own dream home. But before that, have you thought about what it takes to survive an entire renovation from start to end?

Even if you haven’t, we certainly have. After all, we know for a fact that renovating a home can be a major challenge, especially if you are a first-timer. And while we may not be there every step of the way, these renovation survival tips most certainly will. Read on to discover what precautions you should take to ensure a smooth-sailing home makeover!

Before: Be Prepared

1. Pack Away Your Non-Essentials

Tips on how to survive your renovation

With plenty of hacking and hammering going on, you can be sure that there will be plenty of dust and dirt kicked up during a home renovation. And based on this circumstance alone, there’s plenty of reason to store away your precious belongings until everything is completed.

If you have some cash to spare, there’s always the option to rent a space at a short-term storage facility. Otherwise, simply pack your non-essential items into plastic containers or leftover home delivery cardboard boxes before placing them in an unused room (preferably one that is not slated to be renovated) where they will sit till the project is completed. Either way, do remember to take note of what goes where to quicken up the unpacking process!

2. Secure Temporary Accommodation

Tips on how to survive your renovation

Interior designer: Asolidplan

Even if you are able to bear with the mess, noise and other day-to-day interferences, your home may not be the place to be while it is being renovated. In the case of extensive makeovers, key areas such as the bathrooms and kitchen may even be rendered unusable for extended periods of time, which certainly makes it hard to live comfortably.

In such situations, the only viable solution is to secure alternative accommodation, either at a relative’s home, hotel or a rental apartment. Whatever your choice, it’s best to make these temporary living arrangements beforehand so you’ll have a place to crash once the renovation gets going.

3. Get An Estimated Timeline

Tips on how to survive your renovation

Interior designer: Jubilee Interior

To name a few, material shortages, unseen mould growths and electrical faults are some unforeseen obstacles that homeowners encounter when renovating their dwellings. And while these unwanted headaches often result in a lengthier renovation period, they should not stop you from requesting for an estimated project timeline.

Doing so brings two distinct advantages. The first is that it’s easier to plan for additional buffer time in the event that things take longer than expected, whereas the second is the ability to establish common ground with your interior designer/contractor on when project deliverables should be completed.

During: Be On The Ball

4. Keep Things Tidy

Tips on how to survive your renovation

A messy environment may be a given during the course of a renovation, but keeping things tidy will work wonders when it’s time for the final clean up. No matter how small, you’ll find that every bit counts simply because staying organised will ensure that there won’t be a gigantic mess awaiting at the end of the day.

One valuable tip: Make sure your designer/contractor sets aside enough space for storing paint buckets, construction materials and other work items. This precautionary step not only helps in maintaining a neat and tidy work environment, but also ensures that spills, falling debris and other messy situations are kept where they belong – which is far away from your precious belongings.

5. Check In Regularly

Tips on how to survive your renovation

Interior designer: Aiden-T

Even if you aren’t a worrywart, getting regular progress updates will certainly help alleviate any anxiety that you may have on your part as a homeowner.

In addition, you’ll also find this tip surprisingly useful in the event that any renovation obstacles arise as you’ll never be in the dark. Relating to this, other than maintaining constant communication via email or calls, the best way to stay updated is to pay frequent visits to the work site itself. After all, seeing is believing.

6. Be Clear And Consistent

Tips on how to survive your renovation

Interior designer: The Local INN.terior

Given that the final outcome of a renovation is a more beautiful and comfortable home that you’ll want to move into ASAP, unnecessary delays are not something you’d normally wish for. And for this reason, it’s best to be clear and consistent about every home request that you have specified. In other words, being fickle about your décor choices and making constant (wasteful) changes is one self-sabotaging behaviour that will prevent your designer from completing the project on time.

After: Finish Things Up

7. Hire A Cleaning Crew

Tips on how to survive your renovation

Although chemical cleaning and debris hauling services are often provided as part of a home renovation, much more has to be done to ensure your newly made-over home is completely clean. While hiring a professional cleaning crew is indeed a wise decision, here’s our in-depth guide on how to conduct a thorough post-reno cleanup for those who prefer some DIY action.

8. Check For Defects

Tips on how to survive your renovation

Interior designer: Flipside Design

This may sound repetitive (it is), but check, check and check your home once your designer returns the keys. Minor workmanship faults, such as improperly fastened boards and creaky hinges, may be a lot less serious than structural issues, but that doesn’t mean they can be ignored. In any case, it’s best to alert your designer/contractor ASAP as these faults should be rectified without cost as long as your renovation warranty is still in effect.

9. Put On The Finishing Touches

Tips on how to survive your renovation

Interior designer: Posh Home

If your belongings aren’t already on-site, moving in may seem like the next big thing to do after your newly-renovated home has been cleaned up. In reality, nothing could be further than the truth. Even with all the works completed, it’s likely that there’s still plenty to do before you can truly call your house perfect.

For a start, including a couple of loose decorative items, such as throw pillows, vignettes and other ornaments will imbue your newly-renovated abode with the right amount of oomph. If you haven’t already gotten them, freestanding storage solutions like shelves and cabinets are must-have additions too as they will keep things organised in the long-run.

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