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How to Turn Your Home into the Most Kid-Friendly Space Ever

January 21, 2020

Not only do these kid-friendly essentials create a safer (and healthier) living space, a few of these items actually make the cleanup way easier for parents!

In between school and daycare, kids spend a significant amount of time at home – but it could also be a potential hazardous zone where accidents tend to occur if you don’t keep an eye on them. Thus, it’s important to create an environment that is clean, organised and safe for the little ones to roam around with ease.

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Not sure where to get started? Here are some child-proofing ideas that will help you to do just that and more.

1. Choose safe, non-toxic flooring

While tumbles and falls are inevitable when it comes to toddlers who have just started learning how to walk, choosing the right flooring can help to make it a less stressful (and more hygienic) experience.

kid-friendly homes hdb bto singapore

Price: Upon application | Source: Bamco

One popular option is Bamco, which is made from 100% recyclable bamboo charcoal that contains purifying properties. Not only is it guaranteed to be child-safe and non-toxic, this all-natural solution is also slip-proof and scratch-resistant, which makes it great for the younger ones who are prone to falling. Plus, maintenance is a breeze as it’s easy to clean in the event of food stains or milk spills.

kid-friendly homes hdb bto singapore

Price: $99 | Source: HipVan

For high traffic areas where your kids are likely to spend more time at, consider adding an area rug or foam mat. Besides providing a soft underfoot that helps to cushion accidental falls, it can instantly transform an otherwise dull nook into a bright and cheerful play space that your imaginative kiddos will love. Shops such as HipVan and IKEA offer a solid selection of rugs, carpets and mats that will look great in a child’s room and are built to last.

2. Brush up your walls with zero-VOC paint

Did you know that certain interior paints emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs)? These low-level toxic emissions are known to affect the air quality at home and may jeopardise the health and wellbeing of your children – which can be linked to symptoms such as headaches, dizziness and, in the worst-case scenario, memory loss.

kid-friendly homes hdb bto singapore

Price: From $89 | Source: Gush

The good news is, there are tons of environmentally-friendly paint alternatives that are safe for the entire family. For instance, homegrown startup Gush offers a line of odourless and non-toxic formulations that are completely free of VOCs, all while purifying the air for a healthier living environment. And they come in a variety of colours, so you can choose an energising hue (like orange or green) to liven up the room and stimulate your child’s mind.

3. Love doodling on walls? Make it washable

For kids who have a flair for drawing, why not turn your walls into a creative zone for them to unleash their artistic side? Opt for washable paint formulas so you can allow your little ones to doodle to their hearts’ content – without you having to worry about messy clean-ups.

kid-friendly homes hdb bto singapore

Price: Upon application | Source: Admira

Another alternative would be laminated surfaces, which are also capable of doubling up as a chalkboard for your children’s doodle adventures. Local surface company Admira has a unique range of bespoke laminates that don’t just look good, but are able to repel unwanted marks such as fingerprints, chocolate stains or pencil scribbles. Well, doodle us impressed!

4. Consider furniture with dual-purpose functionality

Many new parents tend to make the mistake of buying children furniture on impulse – which can be rather costly. Just like clothes, kids outgrow them in the blink of an eye and you will end up replacing it every year or so. Instead, plan ahead and invest in practical, multifunctional pieces that are designed to evolve with your child as they get older.

kid-friendly homes hdb bto singapore

Source: iloom

We especially love the products from Korean furniture brand iloom, which specialises in modular, easy-to-use designs to cater to the ever-changing needs of children and the family. Think a dual-level, fully customised bed that functions as a bunk bed, play space and storage solution; and an ergonomic chair that adapts and corrects a child’s posture according to their sitting position.

kid-friendly homes hdb bto singapore

Source: iloom

Bonus? Most of their items are either rounded (no sharp edges!) or equipped with corner bumpers, so you will have the ease of mind knowing that your child is in a safe and productive environment.

5. Make full use of your storage space

Let’s face it: there can never be enough storage when you have these little explorers running around at home. And remember, young children love putting things into their mouth to please their curiosity, which could risk becoming a choking hazard if they accidentally swallow small toy parts.

kid-friendly homes hdb bto singapore

Price: $116 | Source: IKEA

To get rid of playtime clutter, work in ample storage compartments to keep toys safely stowed away after play. Make sure that it can be properly sealed or locked to prevent your child from retrieving the toy while you’re away.

kid-friendly homes hdb bto singapore

Price: $239 | Source: IKEA

Also, a good chest of drawers is essential in accommodating all your babywear and other necessities. We like that this storage combination from IKEA comes with colourful stickers, which allow you to label the drawers so you can better keep track of your belongings. Perfect for the forgetful folks who tend to misplace things!

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