Shoe Cabinet

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Have a large shoe collection? Get them organised with the help of a shoe cabinet. While racks bought off the shelf can work just as well, we think a proper shoe storage is a better investment as you can tailor it to fit your needs.

Here are a few styles that you can consider:

  1. An open concept shoe cabinet not only makes it easy to grab and go but also allows you to show off your extensive collection. Worried about dust? Skip cubbyholes and opt for doors will solve that issue without promising on the open plan look.
  2. Picking an enclosed shoe cabinet? Ensure that there’s proper ventilation with grilles or ventilation holes. The better your air circulation, the less likely you will run into issues with stale odour.
  3. Consider suspended shoe cabinets for shoes used for daily wear, or learn from the Koreans - demarcate a section of the floor area for soiled shoes.
  4. Concealed your household shelter with a pivoting door? Turn it into a functional shoe rack.
  5. Or just double your space with nifty pull-outs.

This is only the first step to keep your space clutter-free! Here are more storage solutions for the rest of your paraphernalia:

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