Study Room Interior Design

A place to study, work - or play? You have got your living rooms for gathering and entertaining; a kitchen for cooking and cleaning; a bedroom for sleeping. On the other hand, think of a study as a bonus space to play around and explore your creativity! Or perhaps, a transitional piece that can be easily converted as your family grows (or changes).

Make it equal parts functional and fun. Ample storage, power sockets and essentials like desks and office chairs should be fixtures in a study space. But you can mix things up, incorporating a touch of your personality and interests. With over hundreds of local home projects, here are some unique study room ideas to inspire you for your own renovation:

  1. From jamming studios, gaming dens to suave pool areas, these study rooms have been converted into epic man caves.
  2. Need a dedicated space to do some work? Here are some tips to help you design a study room that’s ultra-productive.
  3. Be it a study space for an individual - or one whole family! - we have the ultimate study room for every type of profile here.

Let your creativity run wild! Get started with these amazing study rooms featured on Qanvast.