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No Renovation Required: 8 Low-Cost Home Makeover Hacks

January 2, 2018

And so, the cycle begins again. Here comes the ‘itch’ with every new year. You know, the whole, start-on-a-clean-slate, press-the-reset-button urge. Which means… new resolutions! Newfound optimism! Basically, a refresh on everything in life, and especially so for your seen-to-death home - which you have been staring (and living at) unchanged for the last 365 days.

Problem is, embarking on a major renovation every other year is costly, impractical and impossible for 99% of us common folk. So, here’s a better alternative; give your space a huge makeover with these 8 low-cost décor hacks - which you can work on without an ID or a $50k budget.

1. A Fresh New Coat of Paint

Interior Designer: Co. Prozfile Design

We’ve all heard of it, but we’ll say it again. Refreshing your wall colour is still an ultra-effective (and quick) way to transform a home’s look.

Interior Designer: D'Initial Concept

Start with changing up a single wall or a room with a solid shade, or if you’re feeling a lil’ more ambitious – try a hand at simple graphic paints (like half-walls or striped ones) that are increasingly in.

Interior Designer: Mr Shopper Studio

Honestly – you won’t even need to call a professional for it. Save on costs by getting your hands dirty with a can of paint (or two), paintbrushes, masking tape and a ladder – it can all be done in a couple of hours (plus drying).

2. Rearrange Your Furniture

Interior Designer: Livinz Synthesis

Same same, but different? We’re often stuck seeing our stuff at a particular view – and that’s the main reason why we get ‘bored’ with our space after some time.

Interior Designer: Aart Boxx Interior

Believe it or not, the simple act of rearranging your furniture can break this visual rut and help you to see your space differently. For instance, that sofa backed to the wall? It can be transformed into a standout focal point when placed in the center of the living room.

Interior Designer: The Scientist

Or an old stool? It can also be repurposed as an end table. Seeing those four walls in a new light doesn’t always require buying a whole new set of furniture – it’s all about perspective.

3. Upgrade Your Hardware

Interior Designer: Aiden-T

Though we may not think much about hardware (handles, knobs, taps, etc.) compared to bigger items like our furniture and built-ins, these small details can subtly transform the look and feel of your space.

Interior Designer: Free Space Intent

The glint of different types of metallic finishes give off distinct effects – bronzy, dull metals for a gritty, industrial look, gold for classic glam or copper/rose gold for a trendy, fun aesthetic. And if an eclectic slant is what you’re feeling for, get quirky with mismatched hardware in glass, crystal or even (gasp) porcelain.

4. Get One Standout Piece

Interior Designer: Fatema Design Studio

If you really have to get something to christen the start of your home’s ‘new’ look – it’s go big or go home. Get a piece that packs a punch; it could be a statement-making piece of art, or the act of swopping out one of your core furniture pieces for something new.

Interior Designer: MET Interior

Not sure where to start? Get the update on the latest 2018 interior trends here, or check out our shopping guides below for some ideas.

5. Change Your Soft Furnishings

Interior Designer: Versaform

While changing your wall and floor finishes will certainly transform your home overall look, it may require hefty renovation work. One easy, sure-fire alternative? Refreshing your existing soft furnishings with a new set.

Interior Designer: Jubilee Interior

Whether its bedsheets, curtain fabric or the type of rug used, they play a key part in shaping your home’s visual palette too – and can equally turn a space around with less hassle.

6. Add Plants

Interior Designer: Create

We can’t stress enough; plants are literally the cheapest (and most timeless) home décor item one can ever have. Not just good for your eyes, lush, green plants help to bring a pop of colour and texture that’ll work with any space. And best of all? They aren’t terribly expensive. Even if you are no green fingers, there are a wide range of indoor plants that require little maintenance.

Interior Designer: Studio Fortyfour

Buying over the counter’s one thing – but making something from scratch on your own? That definitely brings extra meaning to one’s space. So, turn your house into a home that’s uniquely ‘you’ with a little DIY!

It doesn’t have to be something majorly time consuming; it could be as simple as framing up your children’s artwork, creating an origami/paper wall feature or repainting your furniture. Or if you’re feeling ambitious – try a hand at building your own ‘furniture’ perhaps?

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8. Scent It Up

Interior Designer: Studio Fortyfour

Well, this isn’t a décor hack per se – but a little sensory shake-up can go a long way in changing the impression of a home. Just like how the smell of detergent and bleach makes us think, ‘clean!’, different scents can help evoke a particular mood or setting. For instance, light, floral scents make for an airy feel, while warm, musky aromas elicit a dramatic vibe.

Interior Designer: The Scientist

Home fragrances like reed diffusers or candles (both double as stylish home accessories) are skyrocketing in popularity. So, jump in on the bandwagon and pull off the ultimate feat – transforming your home without actually changing any of its décor.

On second thought? Maybe a big change is what you need...

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