Qanvast's Best Of Homeowner's Guide

May 12, 2017

One of life’s biggest milestones - renovating your home can be a life-changing, daunting (and costly experience). With the stakes set so high - it’s only natural that you’ll want understand every aspect - especially if you’re a clueless first-time homeowner! Worry not; here, we have compiled the best guides and resources to help you understand every inch of your renovation, from start to finish.

Before Collecting Your Keys

Qanvast's Best Of Homeowner's Guide

How exciting - maybe you’re eagerly waiting by your BTO queue ticket or shopping around for a flat. Or, maybe you’re not - just merely planning to. Whatever the situation, these tips and advice will help you get prepared and manage the future better - be it financing your home, juggling your wedding (and family), or laying the groundwork for your renovation plan.

Budgeting For Your Renovation

Qanvast's Best Of Homeowner's Guide

If anything, your home’s renovation might be one of the most expensive investments you’d make in life! And five-figure digits don’t fall from the sky; so here are a list of guides to help you figure out costs and budget your finances proper.

Finding Your Interior Style

Qanvast's Best Of Homeowner's Guide

Home is what you make of it. Naturally, you’ll want a private space that’s a reflection of your personality, tastes and lifestyles, but how do you actually describe it to an interior designer? Let these guides pinpoint it down for you.

Choosing The Right Interior Designer

Qanvast's Best Of Homeowner's Guide

Once you’ve nailed the look and settled your budget, the next step is finding the right interior professional to get the job done. With hundreds of designers to choose from, how do you narrow things down? These are some things you should look out and factors to consider when picking the right interior designer.

After Collecting Your Keys

Qanvast's Best Of Homeowner's Guide

Finally received your keys? The first thing you should do is to ensure that everything is in order and that there are no defects. It’s time to get a real sense of the space as well - and that will help you cement some decisions that’s kept you on the fence and bring light to areas that need more work.

Planning Out Your Space

Qanvast's Best Of Homeowner's GuideQanvast's Best Of Homeowner's Guide

If your home is the canvas, materials like your wall covering, flooring and surface tops are the paint, the keys to dressing up your space! The right finish can make a world of difference in terms of visual appeal and durability - so consider each material's function and look against its cost and quality.

Buying Furniture...

Qanvast's Best Of Homeowner's Guide

Now that you’ve got the basic fittings done, it’s time to spruce up the rest of your space with snazzy furniture and accessories. While it may be a daunting task pairing off each unique piece together, here are some guides to help you pick the best home pieces that’ll stand the test of time.

And Appliances

Qanvast's Best Of Homeowner's Guide

No modern home today is complete without the basic appliances to help us with our daily tasks! From washing machines, cooking hobs to fans and smart devices, choose the best products that balance function, form (and energy efficiency) at the right price.

Start Your Renovation Journey

Qanvast's Best Of Homeowner's Guide

If you are collecting your keys soon, drop us a complimentary quote request and we’ll recommend you five interior firms that suit your style preferences and budget needs, for free! Homeowners who engage an interior designer, following a request for quote, are covered under the Qanvast Guarantee.

We only recommend interior firms that we would refer to our friends and family, and these IDs have gone above and beyond in providing exceptional service and designs to our homeowners - deserving our 2018 SuperTrust Badge! Find out who are the awarded interior designers here.

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